Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Romancers - Slauson Shuffle

When it comes to 60s instrumentals, this one ranks right up there with Green Onions.
In 1963, The Romancers (Max Uballez, rhythm guitar; Andy Tesso, lead guitar; Chris Pasqual, bass; Armando Mora, tenor sax; and Manuel Mosqueda, drums) showed up to record for Del-Fi Records with two songs written by Max, “Slauson Shuffle” and “All Aboard.”  After recording the two songs, Bob Keane asked “do you have any more?.”  They hurriedly wrote seven songs, added three covers, and finished their first album in five hours total.  The album called “Do the Slauson” still sounds good today. The Romancers were the first East L.A. Chicano band to record an album and were the main influence of the mid-sixties East L.A. sound.

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