Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Jay Mc Neely-Mule Milk / Ice Water

Big Jay McNeely is a legendary figure in American rhythm and blues. Mc Neely is known as the King of the Honking Tenor Sax and at 84 years of age he is still honking it up.
McNeely was credited with being the most flamboyant performer. He wore bright banana- and lime-colored suits, played under blacklights that made his horn glow in the dark, used strobe lights as early as 1952 to create an "old-time-movie" effect, and sometimes walked off the stage and out the door, usually with the club patrons following along behind. At one point, in San Diego, police arrested him on the sidewalk and hauled him off to jail, while his band kept playing on the bandstand, waiting for him to return. The honking style was fading somewhat by the early 1950s, but the honkers themselves suddenly found themselves providing rousing solos for doo wop groups; an example was Sam "The Man" Taylor's eight-bar romp on The Chords' 1954 "Sh-Boom." Bill Haleyalso used honking sax men Joey D'Ambrosio and Rudy Pompilli on his rock and roll records, including "Rock Around the Clock." However, the rise of theelectric guitar essentially ended the dominance of the tenor sax in rock and roll by 1956.

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