Thursday, February 26, 2015

Noble "Thin Man" Watts - "The Beaver"

Most of dad's old records are in playable condition, but there are a few that have been damaged over the years. I have used other sources when presenting these at times, but there are some songs that are just hard to find. This is one of those 45s that at some point was left out in a spot where it was hit by sunlight and it's edge warped. I have done my best to work with this issue and have founds some tricks that helped me get a decent transfer from the damaged disc.

The CUB label was a subsidiary of MGM and was started in 1958 for rhythm & blues recordings. The label's last release was in 1968.

Noble "Thin Man" Watts and his Rhythm Sparks cut this single for CUB in 1960.

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  1. A rockin' way to start the weekend. Thanks for posting.