Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Surfaris 'Moment of Truth'/The Biscaynes 'Church Key'

This rare split 45 from 1963, was used to promote the Northridge Records album "SURFS UP! AT BANZI-PIPELINE, The band on the A-side is The Original Surfaris, who were from Anaheim and not to be confused with the other Surfaris band from Glendale who had the hit 'Wipeout'. This song is one of the fiercest surf rock tunes of all time and a personal fave. The band around this time consisted of

  • Piano :    Al VALDEZ
  • Drums :    Mike BIONDO
  • Guitar :    Bobby ESCO
  • Guitar :    Larry WEED
  • Saxophone :    Doug WISEMAN
  • Bass :   Jim TRAN

  • The B-side feature The Biscaynes' version of another surf classic 'Chuch Key'. Back in the day before the invention of pop top cans, they called those flat metal bottle/can openers church keys. This single also had a release on the Reprise label.

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